Kneipp and massage

Hints for Kneipp

Kneipp therapy is a non-specific stimulus therapy. It can be individually dosed. Hardening, relaxation and performance increase affect both body and soul favorably. Therefore, Kneipp can literally be called a holistic therapy.

Hydrotherapy uses the reaction of the whole body to heat and cold stimuli and to the pressure of water or the gentle touch of the skin. Depending on the temperature, stimulus, irritation, duration of irritation and day or season stimuli have different effects.

The skin of an adult spreads over almost two square meters of space and is the largest organ that can absorb stimuli and substances, pass on and excrete. The temperature and touch sensors in the skin and in deeper layers, at the border to the muscles, absorb the incoming stimuli and relay the impulses via the nervous system to internal organs of the corresponding body part. The control center hypothalamus in the brain stimulates hormone production and stimulates the immune system. The adrenal glands release the "stress hormone" adrenaline and stimulate the autonomic nervous system

A systematic treatment with alternating, increasing stimuli strengthens the organism. He can react better to Stressrize of all kinds than before:

Metabolism, circulation, heart activity and sensitivity to pain are regulated.
The internal organs work more harmoniously.
Excessive stress hormone secretion is normalized.
The organism can better endure stress and better ward off infections.
treading water
Water treading performed properly means: only with warm feet in the stork aisle - with each step you pull the leg completely out of the cold water. Stop when you feel the cold unpleasant. Wipe off water, dry or run. The best time for water treading is in the afternoon or evening. Morning Tautreten is a variant of Wassertretens. Wasswertreten helps especially with varicose veins, edema, headache, low blood pressure, overheating, circulatory disorders, tendency to infections, foot sweats, sleep disorders, bruises in the foot and ankle area.

Arm baths
Lower your forearms to above the elbows in the water. Extend the dipping process for a maximum of one minute and repeat as many as twice.
Wristbands especially help with high or low blood pressure, headaches and sleep disorders.


New offer in our hotel !! Soon we will have a Thai massage studio in our house where you can indulge in Thai tradition.


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